Monday, June 16, 2014

[techglen]Smart Way To Manage Files With Tomi File Manager

Android is something that everybody loves. There is no doubt that it is one of the essential part of our life. We can live without food but not with Android. I know it’s weird but this is really a truth. Android is so much popular that now everyone have it and they are definitely loving it. The thing that makes it work awesome is its OS. You can do whatever you want. If you want to use your Smartphone to extreme, then you can root it and enjoy some marvelous features.
You can change your Smartphone to totally a music player or a gaming console. Android is something you will make. It’s like an empty page with lots of colors, it’s up to how will you personalize it. If you don’t do much experiments with your Smart devices then you are definitely missing the thrill and fun of Android. Rooting a device gives us a power to do anything that we want with our Smartphone. Those Smartphones with really low memory block you way on downloading some other applications. It is really annoying when your phone’s memory get low and you can’t able to find the reason behind this. If you have a rooted Smart device then there are several ways to get rid of this memory low stuff.
But the problem is how to manage things without rooting a device. Even though countless people know how to root their device but still there are some sort of people who don’t like to root or don’t like to do any experimental stuff with their Smartphone, not because they are afraid of but because they don’t want to. So those who don’t like to root device can still manage their memory and lots of other stuff with a great ease.
Tomi File Manager is one of the newest File Manager in Google Play Store. If you want to know about this file manager in simple words then believe me it is fast, simple and definitely easy to manage files and space from you Smartphone. Interference of this file manager is smooth and easy to use. No doubt that there are so much popular file managers in Google Play Store but Tomi File Manager makes it manage easier than any other file manager. Tomi File Manager gives you a fast way to access things. It is totally free, download and install it from Google Play Store.
When done installing, just open it and you will get fast access to your memory status. By clicking it, it will open the storage of your Smartphone. Other than that, there are some other fast icons as well. Tap on music title and you will get access to every single music from your entire Smartphone. Same goes for the pictures, videos and docs. It’s really handy that you don’t have to find any document from so much other stuff. This manager will show you all docs from your entire phone which makes our work more fast and easily because there are some files that we don’t really want to mess with but if you use some other file manager, there is a risk of accidently deleting an important file but now the problem is solved with Tomi File Manager.
There are some other useful fast access icons for other stuff. If you have lot of applications then simple open its apps title. It will open all installed applications from our Smartphone. If you don’t want any app just tap on it and then click on uninstall and in the same way if you want to know the details of your app then simply tap on any app and then tap on details, it will open app info. There is another title which is downloads and the function about this tap is clear that it will show downloaded files. If you think that this is it then you are definitely in a wrong neighborhood. If you are looking for a full directory then tap on directory from the bottom of the screen. There you go, with this you can get access to full file manager.
You can also hide things and can locate it from settings. Change download path or use this manager as a root explorer and what I thought that this is overall brilliant to use if you looking for a neat and simple file manager. It is no doubt that this manager gives you a fast file management with convenient shortcuts. It automatically organizes your files and features a traditional hierarchical file manager for more advance users and no doubt that this file manager got a clean UI but this manager doesn’t support compressed files like Zip and RAR files. I hope they add the support of Zip and RAR files as soon as possible.
Download Tomi File Manager for Android

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