Monday, July 21, 2014


There are plenty of file managers available on Google Play. Most of them do the same things and some come with extra features like support for different archive types. However, being a smartphone user, I expect a file manager to have a clean interface and the ability to give me quick access to my files. Today I received an email from the Tomitools team to check out their file manager app for Android – Tomi File Manager with the capability to categorize and arrange files on your smartphone. To be frank, I am more than impressed by this smart app. The usual directory browser becomes a second preference with this app because it can instantly show your files grouped together by file type and sorted by applicable criteria. For example, you can sort the images by date of shooting (timeline) and documents by name, size, last modified time and type both in ascending or descending order. So you do not need to remember locations and change directories to reach the image you took 5 minutes back. Isn’t that cool? It can scan and organize music, pictures, videos, documents and apps. Feature highlights of Tomi File Manager:
  • Free Root Explorer (for rooted device) can change file owner, permissions, remount system as rw, edit several system files and manage them with root explorer.
  • Music Manager can set music as ringtone, sort music by songs, albums, artists and years, share songs via bluetooth, manage recordings, delete duplicate music.
  • Picture Manager can display pics by shooting date, show slideshow, hide pics, share on FB, send over WiFi, compress and share pics.
  • Video Manager can sort and share on Instagram and FB.
  • Document Manager cum editor cum viewer for text, list and group by type, send to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and other cloud storage. Supports PDF, Office Word, Office Excel, Office PowerPoint, Text, and etc.
  • Application Manager with advanced features in root mode.
  • Directory Manager and Folder Mount can hide files and directories, send to desktop etc.
  • Free disk space viewer by file types.
  • Free app.
On Google Play: Tomi File Manager

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