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[gsmdroid]Tomi File Manager

What is the most important app when you want to organise your smartphone content or files. A File-manager.
In Google Play Store there are variety of File managers available some paid, some free. Nowadays many manufacturers have their own app out of the box to help new buyers. But that’s always not the case as users have their own taste of choice and their needs. So if you are reading this article then you must be very well aware of what a file manager do and will have your own choice of one installed. Well today, I found one file manager that is not only serves it’s purpose but also avoid the need for constantly organizing your documents, download or media and also act as app manager. It’s called the Tomi File Manager developed by TomiTools
Main Menu
At first,  I thought this app would be a same normal looking stack of folders or files showing my contents and will be same scrolling up and down as I have a lot of folders. But once I opened the app, I found a total different layout to the one we have been seeing till now. This file manager is reminiscent of carousal tray or old telephone Dialers. But that old style retro looks does a pretty good job in adding to aesthetics of app.
The developer made good use of the Circle or Ring that surrounds the menus which is actually to display phone storage in percentage. Colour scheme used for displaying the storage is grey and light blue which goes very well with the plain white background. 
The Dialer look of file manager hosts six icons each for Docs, Videos, Music, Pictures, Apps and Download. Icon name itself makes their use clear at the very first glance.
Docs will contains all your usual documents like word, Excel sheets and will sorted with latest file on top.
Videos menu will display all your video content on your smartphone based on timestamp by default. But you have option to display it based on folder where you saved as in normal File Managers. A notable feature is the HideList option which allows users to hide their content from displaying.
As Videos menu, Music will also show your music files and provide you look of a music player like layout allowing user to display music either based on Songs, Album, Artists or Year ( date ) of the music file.  If you want to manually sort out the files based on names, size and so on … possibilities are endless. By Default Music files are displayed but there more options to show audio files based on Music, Call Recordings, Ringtones and Folder. HideList option is available here too.
 Pictures will contains all the image files which is really fantastic, because a normal heavy user like me keeps on taking photos using variety of apps and grouping of them is done very simple here. I don’t have time to organize all this stuff but this app laid out the pictures very well with latest files atop in the list which is available here and for all other menu`s. If you have other folders containing screenshots it should be accessible of menu up top as in case of Videos and Music.
Picture Menu
Next is the Apps menu. This is section were the Tomi FileManager comes in handy as it can act as a App manager too. Under Apps you will find all your installed apps that are downloaded by you, pre-installed and the apk section. The App manager also have options to Backup your installed apps, Uninstall them or Delete the apks. Multiple selection is allowed if you want to perform any above task for more than one app.
Apps Menu showing 3 options
Lastly, the Downloads menu, this actually shows  your download folder from your phone and SD card storage. If you have setup different download path for your apps then you have option to add them and content should be available under download menu of those download folders too.
Once you enter any of six above menu’s, you should see those contents displayed in normal file manager fashion. Nothing new in there and that actually is good thought. Here you will have option to refresh the content or hide the content if you wish to secure your personal content from others.
There are two more menu’s available at the bottom. One of them is Directory and other is Toolbox.
Directory View showing online storage
Now, this developer have provided users with the normal file manager layout too if don`t like new layout. It’s called as Directory and is placed at bottom left. All the inbuilt device, sdcard and other system level directories can be accessed from here. But the list doesn’t end there, the developer even added option to login online storage at Dropbox. Samba or FTP service connections are also allowed. This file manager is neatly designed with create folder, sorting content, display and search option also provided on every page.
If you are a Pro user or Geek then you must be very well aware of requirement to access the system or OS level directories. That normally will require users to have Root access on their Android smartphone. So kudos to the developer, he has added Remount file system and Host editor option which is used to change read write access to system level directories and to access host file respectively.
As usual, all apps have Settings option and this has too. Here you will find the options to allow this file manager to display your system hidden files which is disabled by default. Keeping it disable is good option if you are new to android system. You have Languages option where you can select the one that suites your region and devs are constantly updating the language support to different countries. Last one is the Root Explorer,  again if you new to Android and don’t have much knowledge then let it be disabled. As it opens doors to OS level files to users.
Settings Menu
So guys what i shared today is a beautiful and well organized file manager with simple looks but useful in every aspects.
Thanks for reading this review. If you have queries regarding this app,  do leave a comment in section below. I will try to help.
Link to the app is here in Google Play Store
Link to Developer page on Google Play Store

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